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Analysis of the Difficulties in the Modeling Technology of Aluminum Extrusion Mold

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
Analysis of the Difficulties in the Modeling Technology of Aluminum Extrusion Mold

Aluminum extrusion is one of the important processes for aluminum profile processing, and the manufacture of aluminum extrusion die is directly related to the quality and service life of aluminum extrusion. Because the aluminum extrusion process mold has a series of characteristics, the aluminum profile mold molding technology needs to meet some special requirements:

First of all, we need to realize that the working conditions of the aluminum alloy extrusion process die are very harsh, and it needs to withstand the effects of high temperature, high pressure and high friction during the extrusion process. Therefore, the material of the mold needs to use high-strength heat-resistant alloy steel, and these The process of smelting, casting, forging, heat treatment, electric machining, machining and surface treatment of steel is complicated, which adds a lot of difficulties to the mold manufacturing process.

Secondly, in order to improve the service life of the tool and ensure the surface quality of the aluminum profile product, it is necessary to achieve a roughness of the cavity working belt of 0.8-0.4 μm, and the roughness of the mold plane is less than 1.6 μm. Special polishing processes and polishing machinery, high-precision processing equipment, such as slow wire handling equipment, are required.

Furthermore, at present, customers are increasingly demanding aluminum extrusion products, and gradually develop toward high, fine and pointed trends. Some wall thickness requirements for profiles and pipes are reduced to about 0.5 mm, and the tolerance requirements of extruded products are met. ±0.05mm, in order to squeeze this ultra-high-precision product, the manufacturing precision of the mold is required to be 0.01mm, which cannot be manufactured according to the traditional technology. Therefore, it is required to update the process and adopt new special equipment. For example: CNC machining center.

Fourth, the profile of the aluminum profile is very complicated, especially the ultra-high-precision thin-walled hollow aluminum profile and the porous hollow-walled aluminum profile, which requires a special extrusion die structure, and often has a plurality of shaped cavities simultaneously on one mold. The thickness of each section changes sharply, the related dimensions are complicated, and the corners of the arc are many, which brings a lot of troubles to the processing and heat treatment of the mold.

Fifth, aluminum extrusion products have a wide variety of products, small batch sizes, frequent mold changes, and strong adaptability of molds. Therefore, it is required to improve the production efficiency of mold making, shorten the molding cycle as much as possible, and quickly change the molding process. It can accurately and accurately process the qualified mold according to the drawings, and reduce the workload of the mold repair . 

Sixth, the application range of aluminum alloy extrusion products is now more and more extensive, and the specification range is very wide. Therefore, there are small molds with a size of 100mm×25mm as small as several kilograms, and dimensions of 1800mm×450mm with a weight of more than 2000kg. The big mold. There are small extrusion shafts with a size of 65mm x 800mm as light as several kilograms, and large extrusion cylinders with a size of 2500mmx2600mm above 100t. The vast differences in the specifications and quality of tooling require completely different manufacturing methods and procedures, using completely different processing equipment.

Seventh, through the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that the types of extrusion die are numerous, the structure is complex, and the assembly precision is very high. In addition to special processing methods and special equipment, special tooling fixtures and Special tools and special heat treatment methods.

Eighth, in order to improve the quality and service life of the tooling, in addition to selecting reasonable materials and optimizing the design, it is necessary to adopt the best heat treatment process and surface strengthening treatment process to obtain suitable mold hardness and high surface quality. This is very important for difficult-to-extrude products with special shapes and special-structured molds.

In the end, the processing technology of the extrusion die is different from the general mechanical manufacturing process, but a special technique that is very difficult and involves a wide range of surfaces. In order to manufacture high quality and long life molds, it is recommended to select and prepare high quality mold materials, and to develop reasonable cold processing, electric processing, heat treatment and surface treatment processes in order to extrude high quality aluminum or aluminum alloy. Profile.

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