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Several aspects that must be considered in industrial aluminum extrusion Mold

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Several aspects that must be considered in industrial aluminum extrusion Mold

The design of industrial aluminum extrusion dies includes both theoretical and empirical knowledge; both normative knowledge and instructive knowledge.

01 From the theoretical knowledge of industrial aluminum extrusion die

Theoretical knowledge refers to: calculation formula of extrusion ratio, strength check formula, etc. of aluminum profile extrusion splitting die;

Empirical knowledge refers to: if the bridge width is 20-30, the weld chamber depth is 15-45 (usually small machine such as 800-1000T takes 15), like the 10000T extruder welding room There are 45 or even 50, etc.;

Normative knowledge refers to: such as the external diameter of the mold, the thickness of the upper and lower molds, etc.;

Inductive knowledge refers to: using the previously designed, qualified mold maturity scheme design and the similar design of the section design as a reference, select a set of empirical parameters to try to design, and gradually adjust the parameters to obtain a reasonable juice design.

Many designs of aluminum profile pressing dies are accumulated by experience. There is currently no complete, systematic and feasible design . The following application of inspiring knowledge to illustrate the importance of experience in the process of setting up industrial aluminum extrusion die.

For a parameter that needs to be determined in the design process, if there is no direct calculation formula, but only the check formula, it is only the main factor that affects the range of values ​​of the parameter. People have previously designed the empirical value of this parameter and its conditions. Recorded, when a similar situation is encountered, the value of the parameter can be used as an inspiration guide. For example, when determining the process parameters, the number of die holes, the number of extruder torsion, the diameter of the extrusion, the extrusion ratio, and the size of the ingot are a parameter that affect each other and are related to each other. In actual production, there is no independent calculation formula for a certain parameter, and it is often determined by empirically selecting a set of parameters by means of heuristics.

2 From the design scheme of industrial aluminum extrusion die

When designing a new aluminum profile, you can first look for a similar profile, try to design with a set of parameters as initial parameters, and then gradually adjust each parameter until it is reasonable.

The design of aluminum extrusion die is different from the general mechanical design. It is a technological design between mechanical design and press working. In addition to the principles to be followed in the design of the ship's mechanical design, various process factors under hot extrusion conditions need to be considered. It is determined by various factors, including the consideration of the aluminum extrusion die designer. Factors considered by the mold maker and factors considered by the extrusion producer.

3 From the example of industrial aluminum extrusion die expansion

For example, the following industrial material design drawings:

Figure 1

Figure II

Figure III

The industrial structure design adopts the die structure of the leading hole to effectively expand the flow range of the metal in the mold. After the metal passes through the leading hole, the first wide pre-deformation is performed, and then the metal enters the upper mold shunt hole for the second shunt. After the metal is distributed twice, the feeding ratio of the mold is more uniform and reasonable, which can significantly improve the forming degree of the material discharge. The front hole structure increases the split ratio, so the pressing force is greatly reduced, and the strength of the mold is made. And stability has been significantly improved.

In the actual production process, the wide working die of the leading hole is widely used, so that the working potential of the extruder is fully exerted, and the number of times of the die test is reduced, especially for some difficult profiles, and the delivery cycle is obviously shortened. For the small machine to squeeze large materials, it can receive very good results, the advantage of expanding the mold is here, from the design to the same effect as the big machine, so the difficulty in designing industrial materials than the building materials lies in the rational distribution of the diversion holes. Traffic control. Therefore, it is possible to refer to the above design for the mold design of the lower section, and it is possible to receive the same effect.

The analysis is as follows: after the metal is pre-deformed through the leading hole, the second pre-deformation is carried out through the diverting hole, and finally the extrusion is formed by the working belt. In this process, the deformation of the metal is gradual, so The deformation resistance is relatively small, the flow velocity of each part of the mold is more uniform, and the profile forming degree is significantly improved. In the actual production process, the mold is obtained from the industrial profile that the customer is satisfied with.

4 From the perspective of industrial aluminum extrusion die designers

The structure of the extruder is a primary consideration. Which type of extruder is used for the production of the type of extruder, whether the profile can be extruded on the extruder, and whether the extruder can extrude the required extrusion length and the desired shape of the product. , size and position tolerances can meet the requirements, the material, structure and dimensions of the extruded product, the number of die holes, die hole size, tongue ratio and extrusion ratio, as well as the various stresses encountered during extrusion, Strain, etc., that is the problem that designers have to consider.

5 From the perspective of the mold maker

The size and the addition of I: accuracy, processing accuracy of the working belt and surface roughness are the primary considerations. Whether these requirements can be achieved will directly affect the quality of the mold, which means that it will directly affect the quality of the products produced. There is also the problem of the strength of the mold, that is, the heat treatment during the processing, the surface diagnosis of carbon, decarburization and the change of surface hardness.

6 Consider from the perspective of the extrusion producer

From the perspective of the extrusion producer, the assembly and support of industrial aluminum profile molds, heating temperature of casting mats, molds and extrusions, extrusion speed and process lubrication, control and adjustment of the press, etc. It is a problem that must be considered by the extrusion producer.

7 From the comparison of large industrial aluminum extrusion die

Compared with small and medium-sized aluminum alloy extrusion dies, large aluminum alloy extrusion dies are greatly difficult to design and process. There are strict technical requirements for the selection of mold materials, CNC machining processes, heat treatment processes, and mold repair. In production practice, we must constantly sum up experience, update design concepts, continuously explore new mold structures, adopt new technologies and new processes, reduce mold manufacturing costs, and improve mold life.

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