Pumay All Members Wish you Happy Mid-autumn festival

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Pumay All Members Wish you a Happy Mid-autumn festival. 
Mid-autumn festival (one of the four major traditional festivals in China)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Festival of the Moon, the Moonlight, the Moon, the Autumn, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Festival, the Moon Festival, the Moon Festival, the Reunion Festival, etc., are traditional Chinese folk festivals. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the worship of the heavens, which evolved from the autumn rituals of ancient times. At first, the festival of the "Month Festival" was on the day of the 24th solar term "autumn equinox" in the Gandhi calendar. Later, it was adjusted to the 15th day of the summer calendar (Lunar calendar), and some places set the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 16th day of the summer calendar day. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, there have been folk customs such as moon sacrifice, moon appreciation, moon cake eating, lantern playing, osmanthus appreciation, and osmanthus wine drinking.

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in ancient times and was popularized in the Han Dynasty. It was shaped in the early years of the Tang Dynasty and prevailed after the Song Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a synthesis of the seasonal customs in autumn. Most of the elements of festivals and customs have ancient origins. The Mid-Autumn Festival is based on the reunion of the moon and trillions of people. In order to miss the hometown and the feelings of loved ones, I hope that the harvest and happiness will become a colorful and precious cultural heritage.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival, the Qingming Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival are also known as the four traditional Chinese festivals. Affected by Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival in some countries in East and Southeast Asia, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese.

Pumay All Members Wish you a Happy Mid-autumn festival.  
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