Foshan Pumay Aluminum Co., Ltd is a professional intelligent manufacturer. We manufacture and retail a wide range of high-quality and customized standardized enclosures.Our customers wildly use our product for digital communication, environment monitoring, security equipment, rail transit, and outdoor electronics. Our 3,000 square meters factory includes main types of equipment like CNC machine, laser cutting machine, carving machine, tapping machine, bending machine, grinding machine, etc. We have more than 1000 molds with a fixed width, fixed height, and customized length. Our main products include aluminum extrusion enclosures, power amplifier chassis,19-inch rack-mount chassis, instrument chassis, and metal boxes.
One of our special advantages is custom aluminum enclosures. Use state-of-the-art CNC processing equipment to manufacture enclosures based on customer's exact specifications. We can deliver finished products on time and in a timely manner.
We keep all our inventories for fast delivery and usually provide samples within one to three business days. This is the standard service of PUMAY.
PUMAY , One-stop industrial electronics equipment Enclosure Maker. Provide your product an awesome Case.


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Global leader intelligent manufacturer of the industrial electronic equipment enclosure.

Company History 
2016.06  PUMAY was formally established in Foshan 
2017.03  Start online business. on line department starts.  
2018.12  The factory was officially opened, Factory 1500 Square.  
2020.12  Factory 1500 Square change to  3000 square.  
2021 Entered into a new 5-year plan for rapid development.

Factory Capacity
3000 square meters area 
10department with 10 production line
Served more than 400 commercial customers worldwide

Customization Capacity
OEM/ODM service
Sample production
Design proposal
Model recommendation

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.