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PUMAY manufacture and retail a wide range of high quality and customized standardized enclosures. We offer a variety of electronic industrial enclosures: aluminum extruded enclosure, amplifier enclosure, die-cast aluminum box, 19-inch aluminum chassis, industrial chassis, sheet metal chassis, CNC precision-machined products, etc...
We Focus on customer’s concerns, provide competitive modeling structure solutions and services, continue to create the greatest value for customers.  

                                                                                                                     Design is in the details  

Despite the aluminum enclosure being a simple and ubiquitous box, each brand has subtle differences in design, material, and construction that you may only notice subconsciously. Our box may not look different on the outside, but as soon as you hold on hand, you'll understand what they have become our go-to enclosures. 

1.Over  500 different size models                                                           2.Light & Good Radiating      
More than  500 models of different sizes, assembled in many types,                                            Light makes the equipment more convenient, good radiating help                                                                                                   equipment Keep working longer
Help you find the right enclosure.                                                                                                 


3.Made in China                                                                                      4.Finish Super Beautiful      
Quality is our culture , 10 years experience.                                                                                   Hold in Hand, feeling good  
help you find the right enclosure.                                                                                    


                                                                                                                                                          Crafted by hand

Design according to the real product
Designer design according to your PCB or other electronic parts to design.

Adjust the machine to ensure accurate dimensions

After Process will check each size directly. Every step, QC according to the drawings to ensure that the processing is correct

Finish Treatment
One-stop services such as surface treatment brush and sandblasting, color with oxidation, spraying, electroplating, passivation, logo printing have laser marking, silkscreen, etc... make your products more beautiful in appearance, stronger in structure, and added value higher.

                                                                                                                     WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE  SAYING 

                                                                                                                           Aluminum Electronic Enclosures  

          Extrusion Enclosures                                        Amplifier Enclosures                        19inch Rackmount Chassis                   Instrument Chassis 
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