What are the advantages of using an aluminum case?

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What are the advantages of using an aluminum case?   

At present, with the increasing application of aluminum chassis, the majority of steel chassis have been gradually replaced by aluminum chassis. The material of the aluminum case is actually a kind of alloy product. Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with some alloy elements. It has the characteristics of lightweight, strong structure, high structure strength, good heat dissipation performance, and so on, is a very consistent case of the material requirements of the box. So What's in it for the aluminum case? The following Pumay Enclosure Cindy introduce for You:

The benefits of aluminum chassis are as follows:

1. Lightness

Aluminum alloys generally give the impression of being thin and low in hardness, which is one-sided. However, the hardness of magnesium-aluminum alloy sheets will be greatly enhanced after magnesium is added to the alloy, which is not bad compared with ordinary steel, and it's lighter than normal steel.

2. hardness

Aluminum alloy is stronger than steel, so aluminum chassis is lighter and stronger than steel chassis. Moreover, the anti-oxidation ability of the aluminum alloy itself is better than the steel plate and other materials, so the aluminum case does not need to be painted, its manufacture fully reflects the weight of light, strong features.

3. Lose Heat

Aluminum alloy material has better heat dissipation ability than steel plate in thinking, the specific heat capacity of aluminum is higher than steel plate, the heat dissipation intensity of aluminum metal is very high, more than 5 times higher than the heat dissipation ability of iron material, and the aluminum heat dissipation is its biggest and most important characteristics, so the aluminum chassis than other chassis more excellent heat dissipation.

4. Radiation benefits:

Many people who work in front of a computer often feel that their face is taut and prone to aging. In fact, this is because of the electromagnetic radiation generated by the computer after a long time in front of the computer. In radiation protection, we usually discuss the computer chassis electromagnetic radiation, mainly radio-frequency radiation, followed by medium-frequency magnetic leakage. For the absorption of radio-frequency radiation, the available good materials are copper, followed by aluminum, but copper conductivity, so aluminum chassis in the radiation protection is particularly obvious.

The above introduction content is uses the aluminum chassis the advantage. Compared with the cold-rolled steel plate, electrolytic galvanized steel plate, and other materials, aluminum alloy is the only choice for the manufacture of chassis materials.

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