Instrument Chassis

PE004 212*79.2*201.8 mm free design of the miniature metal case with constant temperature and humidity small metal enclosures for electronics

Item No.: PE004
Product Number: PF001
Brand: PUMAY 
Material: iron 
Color: Black 
Chassis type: Server case
Structure : mini Chassis

free design of the miniature metal case with constant temperature and humidity 
NO. PF001 
Dimensions from: W x H x L 
External dimensions: 212 mm  x 79.2x 201.8  ( W*H-L )   
Type: Tube Extrusion Enclosure 
End Panel: L style  

Parameter name, parameter value

Name, Mini Case Case/desktop case small case (case only)


Size 201.8 x 212 x 79.2 mm

Material, shell: Galvanized Steel 1.0 mm cover plate: galvanized steel 1.5 M'M

It weighs 1.74 kg

Motherboard, support MINI-ITX specification motherboard, THIN MINI-ITX Ultra Thin Motherboard, motherboard specification 17 * 17

Intel 84W or less AMD 65W or less

Heat sinks to support ITX heat sinks up to 40 mm in height

Hardboards, supports 22.5 inch drives

Graphics card, does not support independent display, support on-board nuclear display program

Power supply, support in-line power supply board, adapter power supply solution

Auxiliary cooling, supporting 2 auxiliary cooling fans

Shipping list, shell; lining plate; cover plate; metal button with light switch 1; screw set; hard disk holder 4

Other, if you need to customize other module shell, please contact customer service customization.

Accessories matching guide sheet (we only sell the shell, accessories need your own configuration)


Accessory name (with * as required accessory) accessory type, accessory selection

Motherboard * ITX motherboard, only support (including support Inter or AMD) ITX motherboard, do not support ATX, m-ATX motherboard larger than ITX specifications

Hard disk * solid-state drives SSD are compatible with the commonly used standard SATA3.0 interface SSD

Mechanical hard disk 2.5-inch support commonly used 1T notebook hard disk (2.5 inches) or thickness within 10 mm 2.5 inches mechanical hard disk

CPU radiator * ultra-thin CPU radiator only supports CPU radiator up to 45mm in height

Chassis fan 6 cm fan, supporting 60 * 60 specifications of fans, fans thickness within 15 mm

Button switch * 12cm diameter self-reset button switch, support 12cm specifications of the lantern or without the lamp self-reset button switch

Hard Drive Data Line * SATA hard drive data line, SATA2.0, SATA3.0 Data line; Data line plug straight plug or L plug depending on the installation method

DC-ATX Power Supply Module, support single DC plug, power supply depends on CPU power consumption, experience formula: motherboard power consumption 100W + CPU power consumption

AC to DC 12V transformer, the total power consumption needs, and at-x direct plug power module and CPU power consumption, empirical formula: motherboard power consumption 100W + CPU power consumption